Home Theater Systems – Ever Need A?

Many people spend a great deal of money for a fresh LCD TV and then are left with an incredible visual experience but deplorable sound quality. In this article, we will take a look at whether you’ll need a Home Theater System for the family area and those you may want to purchase.

Last weekend, my friend Jim invited everyone to his house to watch the movie “300” on his new giant screen, a 52 inch Samsung Touch of Color LCD TV with an accompanying Blu-ray. Whilst the movie started 新竹 音響店, we watched in awe at the amazing picture that the Samsung TV provided. However, ten minutes to the movie, my friend Cheryll said to Jim, “I don’t hear the surround sound. Where perhaps you have placed the rear speakers?”

Jim looked rather clueless and hopeless. Like most people, Jim had just purchased his new TV and had no idea that a TV, even a fresh one, provides mediocre sound and does not support the full effects of the “movie experience” ;.

Cheryll looked at Jim incredulously, “You mean you didn’t purchase a Home Theater System with your TV?”

Many people, once they plunk down over $1,000 on a fresh LCD TV, feel cheated once they recognize that the sound is lacking. Actually, Jim’s Samsung TV, which will be regarded as one of the greatest LCD TVs, is noted for having sound that’s not exactly optimal.

Thus, to get the full movie and entertainment experience, you’ll need to add a Home Theater System to your LCD TV. These systems come with a receiver, a sub, and at the very least five speakers enabling you to get the full surround sound movie experience. Once you buy many of these components together, you can get an incredible deal at under $500, which sometimes includes a Blu-ray disc player.

We recommend these two systems: the Sony HTSS360 5.1 channel Home Theater System and the LG LHB977 1000-Watt Blu-ray Disc Home Theater In a Box (for those folks who want a Blu-ray disc included). These two models come in at under $500.

First, the Sony HTSS360 5.1 channel Home Theater only costs $228. If you have a Blu-ray disc, here is the choice you wish to make. It is straightforward to setup, comes with the essentials, and sounds great with movies, sports, and even video games.

The LG LHB977 1000-Watt Blu-ray Disc Home Theater In a Box is available over the Christmas season at under $500. This system comes with sleek looking front speakers, a sub, back speakers, an iPod dock, a Blu-ray player, and Internet connectivity letting you watch movies on demand. It’s simply a good all in a single package at a fantastic price.

Underneath is that your television does not provide movie quality sound. You will need a home theater system to get a true movie experience and elevate your entertainment system to high quality. Fortunately, you will find great deals out there for you this holiday season.

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