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We procure teas within hrs of sampling and keep them under3-4% moisture levels.Next, we hand sort & clean whole leaves for impurities,vacuum pack, and store them under controlled environment. Take in the heavenly aroma of the Assam tea as you step down at Monabarie Tea Estate. Located at the Biswanath Chariali district of Assam, this is the largest tea estate in Assam and all over Asia. This tea estate is also ranked as the world’s largest tea garden.

After years of neglect, now Bodo language is getting attention and its literature is developing. Other native languages of Tibeto-Burman origin and related to Bodo-Kachari are Deori, Mising, Karbi, Rabha, and Tiwa. The various Bengali dialects and closely related languages are spoken by around 9 million people in Assam, and the portion of the population that speaks these languages has grown slightly as per the census. Bodo is the third most-spoken language followed by Hindi which comes under fourth position. Since the restructuring of Assam after independence, communal tensions and violence remain.

Dooars is also the gateway to the hill station of Darjeeling and the Sikkim region and is famous for its tea gardens, planted by the British. The elevation of the Dooars area ranges from 90 m to 1750 m. There are innumerable streams and rivers flowing through these fertile plains from the mountains of Bhutan.

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There is no ambulance, water and electricity supply to the PHC, said Dr. Talukdar. The PHC has to cater approximately a population of 25,000 people and on an average, Dr. Talukdar has to attend about 40 patients, which increase in summers. The train had stopped and the boys reached their destination where they gathered their luggage and de-boarded the train only to find a platform that was too crowded. After almost an hour, they reached Dhekiabari, Pranjol’s tea garden after taking a turn and making their way through a cattle-bridge.

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Separatist groups began forming along ethnic lines, and demands for autonomy and sovereignty grew, resulting in the fragmentation of Assam. In 1961, the government of Assam passed legislation making use of the Assamese language compulsory. It was withdrawn later under pressure from Bengali speaking people in Cachar. In the 1980s the Brahmaputra valley saw a six-year Assam Agitation triggered by the discovery of a sudden rise in registered voters on electoral rolls. The agitation ended after an accord between its leaders and the Union Government, which remained unimplemented, causing simmering discontent. Evidence indicates presence of civilization in Assam around 2nd century BCE, a rock cut stupa at Sri Surya Pahar has been dated to 200 BCE contemporary with rock cut Karle and Bhaja caves of Maharashtra.

Thousands of people arc engaged as labourers in the tea estates and factories. Tea From Assam Summary – The story revolves around the infamous beverage ‘tea’ telling us more about its history and discovery. It begins from the scene where two friends, Pranjol and Rajvir are set to go to Assam, Pranjol’s hometown when a tea vendor asks them if they would like to have some freshly made tea. They buy two cups joining almost every other person in their compartment. From there, the journey begins and Pranjol starts reading his detective book while Rajvir decides to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Though the Mughals made seventeen attempts to invade, they were never successful. The most successful invader Mir Jumla, a governor of Aurangzeb, briefly occupied Garhgaon (c. 1662–63 CE), the then capital, but found it difficult to prevent guerrilla attacks on his forces, forcing them to leave. The decisive victory of the Assamese led by general Lachit Borphukan on the Mughals, then under command of Raja Ram Singha, in the Battle of Saraighat in 1671 almost ended Mughal ambitions in this region. The Mughals were comprehensively defeated in the Battle of Itakhuli and expelled from Lower Assam during the reign of Gadadhar Singha in 1682 CE. This rare Assam Silver Tips tea is exclusively downy, silver-white tea tea buds. The pale golden cup offers a toasty aroma with gentle hints of fruit and corn silk.

Bringing your fresh cup of morning tea since the British era, this renowned tea estate is settled in the upper region of Assam at an elevation of 390 ft above sea level along the Indian-Burmese border. The estate is spread across an area of 1800 acres and 1000 acres is covered with tea bushes. Throughout all these decades, the quality and the rich aroma of the tea leaves harvested by Manohari Tea Estate is unmatched. In 1849, Dr. Jameson conducted a feasibility survey of the valley of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh and found it suitable for tea cultivation. He brought China tea plants from the nurseries at Almora and Dehradun and planted them in Government gardens at Kangra, Nagrota and Bhawama. Despite having suffered a good deal during transit, the plants grew well indeed.

The company has acquired a large estate in Dibrugarh, with 1.3-million-kg capacity, from Warren Tea while selling off three smaller gardens with a combined capacity of 8 lakh kg. This record was broken in 2019 by Maijan Orthodox Golden Tea, which had fetched Rs 70,501 for a kilo. Within a week in that year, a kilo of Dikom Tea Estate’s Golden Butterfly tea was sold for Rs 75,000 at the GTAC and remained at the top spot until Tuesday. In less than a month, a kg of Golden Needles tea variety produced by the Donyi Polo Tea Estate in Arunachal Pradesh became the most costly after a kg of it fetched Rs 40,000.

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Simultaneously, it concluded the sale of Santi Tea estate for Rs 6.01 crore. It had sold two other gardens during the course of the year. Explaining the rationale of the Assam portfolio rejig, Dhanuka said the aim was to have large gardens instead of smaller ones to reduce the cost of operations. Assam, which produces roughly 55% of India’s tea, has more than 10 lakh tea workers in the organised sector working in about 850 big estates. Tisanes are called herbal teas, made from pure herbs and flowers, they contain 0% caffeine making them ideal for tea lovers who are on the lookout for non – caffeine options.

According to the recent estimates, per capita income in Assam has reached ₹6756 (1993–94 constant prices) in 2004–05, which is still much lower than India’s. In January 2019, the Assam’s peasant organisation Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti claimed that there are around 20 lakh Hindu Bangladeshis in Assam who would become Indian citizens if the Citizenship Bill is passed. BJP, however claimed that only eight lakh Hindu Bangladeshis will get citizenship. According to various sources, the total number of illegal Hindu Bangladeshis is hard to ascertain.

Neither our business objectives nor our innovation goals stop at increasing yield and improving quality. As significantly, we strive to ensure the CBD Gummies With THC wellbeing of our farmers and their families. But outside, the government has not made life easy for the destitution striken workers either.

The buttery smooth mouth feel supports a complex flavor profile with ripe fruit hints, suggestive of melon and apricot. A fleeting whisper of Assam maltiness lingers in the sweet finish. Drinking tea has been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. This article focuses on the 6 best teas to lose weight and belly fat.

A variety of different rice cultivars are grown and consumed in different ways, viz., roasted, ground, boiled or just soaked. Khorisa are used at times to flavour curries while they can also be preserved and made into pickles. Koldil and squash are also used in popular culinary preparations.

Assam’s soil been classified into three types -red loam soil, lateriticsoil and alluvial soil. Going beyond the surreal beauty of tea estates in Assam, the Sonapur tea estate will take you to Guwahati which is known as the heart of the North-East. Established by the Britishers in early 1924, this tea estate has been taken over by the three generations of the Bhaduri Family. Spreading the strong brew of their high-quality CTC tea, this estate started its journey by producing Orthodox tea in the initial years.

The rivalry between the Chutias and Ahoms for the supremacy of eastern Assam led to a series of conflicts between them from the early 16th century. Assam and adjoining regions have evidences of human settlement from the beginning of the Stone Age. Experts speculate that another significant find at Ambari is Roman era Roman roulette pottery from the 2nd century BCE. Assam is home to the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, along with the wild water buffalo, pygmy hog, tiger and various species of Asiatic birds, and provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant.

Eventually, tea plants grew out of his eyelids which upon consuming after boiling with water helped in getting rid of sleep. Further, Rajvir highlighted a few facts that stated that tea dates back to 2700 B.C. All such words such as ‘chai and ‘chini’ have originated from Chinese language. Tea was introduced to Europe quite late- in the sixteenth century where it was considered to have medicinal properties. The tribe of the ‘Kaders’ live on the periphery of the tea plantations.

This company, however, did not attain much prosperity during the first ten years of its existence. The present legislation has pro­vided opportunity to contribute a portion of their earnings which will be returned to them augmented two­fold at the time of retirement. Compared to the future benefit, the present hardship, if any, should be gladly accepted.

These are updated as soon as the notification is released for these recruitments. Working towards that, one of our most recent endeavours was introducing Artificial Intelligence and Smart Drones to our plantation process. Feel the vibrant and active participation at various estates / locations The passion to deliver fresh and quality teas resonates throughout.

Nestling in the foothills of the snow-covered Himalayan range, Darjeeling grows one of the world’s most exclusive teas at altitudes ranging from 600 to 2,000 meters. Darjeeling connoisseurs literally cringe at the thought of adulteration. Asom means ‘one without equal’ and that is considered by some to be the status of its teas. The ancient name of Assam was Pragjyotispura – the city of eastern light.

Marketing of tea has always been a problem for the products of this region. Previously the Tea Auction Centre at Calcutta was the only centre of sale for CBD Balms . Both in acreage and output the tea industry in Assam expanded very rapidly upto the 1920’s. But the increase of acreage slowed down considerably thereafter, though output continued to increased rapidly owing to a high yield per acre. During the World war II, the industry again passed through a boom period and after 1951 it reached an unprecedented prosperity. Then followed a severe crisis in 1952 when prices of tea crashed to an extent often below the cost of production.

The demand for a separate state turned violent on 31 July 2013 when student demonstrators set government buildings on fire. Following the incident, the elected leaders of Karbi Anglong jointly submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India demanding a separate State. Demographic wise, more than half of the Karbi Anglong population is made up of Indigenous Karbi tribe with significant migrants from other parts of India. The tea plant is grown in the lowlands of Assam, unlike Darjeelings and Nilgiris, which are grown in the highlands. It is cultivated in the valley of the Brahmaputra River, an area of clay soil rich in the nutrients of the floodplain. The climate varies between a cool, arid winter and a hot, humid rainy season—conditions ideal for growing tea.

The aroma is fragrant with hints of malt and freshly baked biscuits. The flavor overflows with rich layers of malt, wine, caramel and carob, punctuated by a bloom of stone fruit as the tea Les différents types de bonbons CBD cools. The well-twisted, dark brown leaves of this 2021 Assam offering produce a dark copper liquor fragrant with pronounced malty notes, a toffee sweetness and hints of dried cherry.

There were numerous theories and one of which was about a Chinese Emperor who had a habit of drinking boiled water. Once upon a time when he was boiling that water, few leaves fell into it and it tasted delicious. As the train was moving, next Rajvir saw was an ugly looking building with smoke coming out of it. Rajvir got excited but Pranjol who had seen all of it during his childhood didn’t match up to his friend’s level of enthusiasm. Pranjol tells him that they have entered Assam, which is known as the ‘tea country’. The state has the maximum number of tea plantations in the world.

With close to 200 years in the tea industry, we have come to fully recognise and embrace the responsibility bestowed upon us by our role as pioneers and innovators. This means generous shade planting, intact drainage systems, retention of pruning, and balanced manuring. Tea Club represents a hangout zone where people make conversations and have a lot of fun over a steaming cup of finest teas and select savories at our Tea Café present . We also have a range of retail outlets where our brands and APPL Select TEAS would be available for purchase . Produced at our premium estates by experts , where each cup has a story to tell about the tradition and culture of the tea world . Delve into the spectrum of unique teas which redefine a perfect tea cup.

The deep copper cup is bright and lively, introducing layers of Burgundy and malt that are complemented by a suggestion of spice in the crisp, lingering finish. Assam tea is generally harvested twice, in a “first flush” and a “second flush”. The second flush, harvested later, is the more prized “tippy tea”, named thus for the gold tips that appear on the leaves. This second flush, tippy tea, is sweeter and more full-bodied and is generally considered superior to the first flush tea. The leaves of the Assam tea bush are dark green and glossy and fairly wide compared to those of the Chinese tea plant. Drying In order to keep the tea moisture-free, the leaves are dried at various stages of production.

“Small tea-growers in Assam are also making handmade tea. This specially crafted tea is much in demand across the world,” he added. Recently, one such rare tea variety from Assam, called Manohari Gold Tea, has been sold at a whopping Rs. 1 Lakh per Kg by Manohari Tea Estate. This also means forecasting and counteracting the drastic effects of climate change, and how rising temperature might affect our crops and water supply. Our continuous efforts are generously paying off with a yield of 11 million kg of quality tea in 2019, compared to 9 million kg in 2017, and 10 million kg in 2018. Invasion and demanded the Assam government to settle and protect the landless and poor people there.

According to the census data, the number of Hindu immigrants have been largely exaggerated. The local governance system is organised under the jila-parishad for a district, panchayat for group of or individual rural areas and under the urban local bodies for the towns and cities. There are now 2489 village panchayats covering villages in Assam.

Sattriya dance related to Vaishnav tradition is a classical form of dance. Moreover, there are several other age-old dance-forms such as Barpeta’s Bhortal Nritya, Deodhani Nritya, Ojapali, Beula Dance, Ka Shad Inglong Kardom, Nimso Kerung, etc. The tradition of modern moving How long does it take for Delta-10 gummies to kick in? theatres is typical of Assam with immense popularity of many Mobile theatre groups such as Kohinoor, Sankardev, Abahan, Bhagyadevi, Hengul, Brindabon, Itihas etc. Few yearly Mela’s like Jonbeel Mela, began in the 15th century by the Ahom Kings, Ambubachi Mela, Guwahati etc.

He said, the first countrywide celebration of ‘Lachit Divas’ would take place in New Delhi followed by state capitals such as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata in a phased manner. The Beshoma starts on the last day of Chaitra and goes on till the sixth of Baisakh. With varying locations it is also called Bishma or Chait-Boishne. Symbolism is an ancient cultural practice in Assam and is still a very important part of the Assamese way of life. Various elements are used to represent beliefs, feelings, pride, identity, etc. Tamulpan, Xorai and Gamosa are three important symbolic elements in Assamese culture.

Lying in the Himalayan foothills, the Dooars have great natural beauty. Wildlife-rich tropical forests, innumerable hill streams cutting across the green carpet of tea gardens, undulating plains and low hills rising up from the rivers. The name Dooars is derived from ‘doors’ as the region is the gateway to the northeast of India and Bhutan.

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Monsoon generally starts from the middle of May and continues until the end of September. Summer is mild and constitutes a very short period of the year. The economy of Dooars is based on the three Ts Tea, Tourism and Timber.


More research is needed to better understand black tea’s role in supporting healthy brain function. Additionally, a small body of research in humans has observed associations between black tea intake and a reduced risk of certain cancers, including skin and lung cancer . This process stimulates chemical changes in the leaves, resulting in the unique flavors, color, and plant compounds that are characteristic of Welche gesundheitlichen Vorteile hat der Konsum von CBD?. There are between two and seven steps involved in the processing of fresh tea leaves, the addition or exclusion of any of these stages results in a different type of tea. Each of these procedures is carried out in a climate-controlled facility to avoid spoilage due to excess moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

James White set up the first Terai plantation called Champta in 1862. But the Assamese tea bush proved more suited to this region, Gazeldubi was the first Dooars garden, and by 1876 the area boasted 13 plantations, which in 1877 led the British to set up the Dooar.s Tea Planters’Association. The Dooars and Terai gardens account for an annual production of 226 million kg, or over a quarter of India’s total tea crop, with September considered an important month.

Bodo in Bodoland Territorial Council and Bengali in the three districts of Barak Valley where Sylheti is most commonly spoken. According to the 2011 census, 61.47% were Hindus, 34.22% were Muslims. Christian minorities (3.7%) are found among the Scheduled Tribe and Castes population. The Scheduled Tribe population in Assam is around 13%, of which Bodos account for 40%.

The tea estate is owned by McLeod Russel India Limited which is a part of the Williamson Magor Group. Spread across an area of 1158 hectares, these red coloured leaves tea will definitely give your morning a rejuvenating start. A sizable number of small farmers especially in upper Assam have taken up tea cultivation during last 15 years. Their relative contribution vis-à-vis the big gardens is more than 20% and the big gardens purchase a major part of their green leaf production. Using clone varieties of tea seedlings on small holdings, these small and marginal farmers are dependent on their crop as the main source of income.

Theaflavins lend briskness and brightness to the tea while thearubigins offer depth and fullness to the liquor that’s produced. In order to bring out specific intensities in flavors, tea makers control the amount of oxidation the leaves undergo. Controlled-oxidation is typically carried out in a large room where the temperature is maintained at 25–30 °C and humidity stands steady at 60–70%.

He said this specialty tea has been made with small buds with finest clove P-126. This tea was the most expensive variety sold in an auction in the country in 2018 when a kilo was sold for Rs 39,100. While we take lot of care to keep your teas fresh here at our facility, we urge you to do the same. Dust – The lowest grade tea should be discarded as waste but commercially used by tea companies to reduce cost. The auction took place at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre .

It’s a proud moment for us that Manohari golden tips tea has been sold at Rs 99,999 per kg. This tea is special and rare and is produced by Manohari Tea Estate in Dibrugarh district. I hope that the tea industry of Assam will produce this type of special tea, white tea, oolong tea, green tea, yellow tea in near future also. Local buyer Mangilal Maheshwari of Sourabh Tea Traders bought the tea,” Dinesh Bihani said. According to another Indian legend, Bodhidharma, an ancient Buddhist monk, fell asleep during meditations. The leaves of these plants when put in hot water and drank banished sleep.

The two main characteristics of a traditional meal in Assam are khar and tenga . Khorika is the smoked or fire grilled meat Are CBD gummies good for back pain? eaten with meals. Commonly consumed varieties of meat include Mutton, fowl, duck/goose, fish, pigeon, pork and beef .

A small number of people speak Kurukh, the language of the Oraon indigenous group. English, together with Bengali, is the language of administration, and English and Hindi serve as lingua francas at the national level. The best ingredients, the best practices, the best technology—experience the journey that brings you the perfect cup of tea, every time.

Traces of the language are found in many poems by Luipa, Sarahapa, and others, in Charyapada (c. 7th–8th century CE). Modern dialects such as Kamrupi and Goalpariya are remnants of this language. Moreover, Assamese in its traditional form was used by the ethno-cultural groups in the region as lingua-franca, which spread during the stronger kingdoms and was required for economic integration.

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Chang Kien, a Chinese explorer, traced his country’s trade links with Assam as far back as 100BC The state consists of the northern Brahmaputra valley, the middle Karbi and Cachar hills and the southern Barak Valley. It experiences heavy rainfall between March and September, with very high humidity in the summer months. The region also has a number of reserved forests, and one of them, Kaziranga, is the home of the rare Indian Rhinoceros.

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The 13th century CE, the nerve centre of Ahom polity was upper Assam; the kingdom was gradually extended to the Karatoya River in the 17th or 18th century. It was at its zenith during the reign of Sukhrungphaa or Sworgodeu Rudra Sinha (c. 1696–1714 CE). The Chutia, a Bodo-Kachari group by origin, held the regions on both the banks of Brahmaputra with its domain in the area eastwards from Vishwanath and Buridihing , in Upper Assam and in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Tocklai is the oldest and the largest Tea research institute in the world. It is a pioneer in the research and development of tea and an innovator in providing extension services to the tea industry. Upholding our pioneering role as industry leaders, we have contributed greatly to picking up the tea production industry, one tea leaf at a time. Situated several kms away from Alexis the main centre of Behali, the PHC has to deal with nearby village population. Dr. Talukdar said that he is putting a lot of efforts to get electricity and water to the PHC as well as to his residence in the vicinity of the health centre. Dr. Hirakjyoti Talukdar, is posted there under the compulsory rural posting scheme in the PHC with two nurses and a pharmacists.

The Tata Group, an Indian corporate giant, entered into a collaborative venture with Finlay leading to the formation of the Tata-Finlay group. In April 2005 tea plantations under the Tata group were transferred to a new company called Kannan Devan Hills Produce Co, Pvt Ltd, Today the company manages 16 estates spread over about 8,600 hectares of land. This inspired planters to try out tea cultivation in the Terai region.

Some portion of this waste land might be devoted to cultivation of other crops like paddy, wheat, cotton, hemp and medicinal herbs. Assam tea is a variety of black tea made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis var. It’s traditionally grown in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, one of the largest tea-producing regions in the world. Assam tea is a black tea named after the region of its production, Assam, India. It is manufactured specifically from the plant Camellia sinensis var.

It will augment our national resources and help us in financing the 2nd Five-Year Plan. Not only labour but all sections of the population will be called upon for sacrifice according to their ability to build up our country so that on our toils, we lay the foundation stone for auguring a happy future. At the top, the over-all administration is vested in the Board of Trustees which is tripartite in constitution. While Government will render all possible assistance, this has been made almost a self-governing body. In actual working of the Scheme therefore, there will be about 1000 Primary Committees guided by a Board of Trustees. The magnitude of the Scheme can be gauged from the fact that at present it will cover about 4.5 lakhs of workers with an annual contribution of more than 2 crores of rupees.

† First recognised as an administrative division on 1 April 1911, and led to the establishment of Assam Province by partitioning Province of East Bengal and Assam. Creators of an exquisite array of amber elixir, we at Jay Shree tea have been synonymous with Luxury Tea in the Wholesale Tea market for close to 70 years. Formed on 27th October, 1945, Jay Shree is a diversified conglomerate of the well known Birla empire. All the esteemed authoritative bodies by which we have been certified are Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, JAS, Ethical Tea Partnership, USDA Organic, India Organic and UTZ Certification. Colloidal silver is a popular but controversial alternative therapy. This article explains colloidal silver’s potential benefits and side effects.

If you prefer to add a bit of milk or sugar, just be careful not to spoon in too much sweetener. As a precaution, it’s best to practice moderation and avoid excessive consumption of Assam tea. Excessive aluminum intake can contribute to bone loss and neurological damage, especially for people with kidney disease .

Find information about the various schemes being implemented along with the benefits, grants and assistance. “Why there is a demand for the separate state for Barak valley? – GKToday”. “Battleground Assam a tale of two valleys and the CAA quandary Assam bengal polls 2021 | Opinion News – India TV”. “Take action against ‘Chalo Paltai’ propagators, Sabha tells government | Guwahati News – Times of India”. Xuanzang mentions that among the Kamarupa king Bhaskaravarma’s gifts to Harshavardhana there were paintings and painted objects, some of which were on Assamese silk. Many of the manuscripts such as Hastividyarnava , the Chitra Bhagawata and in the Gita Govinda from the Middle Ages bear excellent examples of traditional paintings.

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Initially, Assam was made a part of the Bengal Presidency, then in 1906 it was made a part of Eastern Bengal and Assam province, and in 1912 it was reconstituted into a chief commissioners’ province. In 1913, a legislative council and, in 1937, the Assam Legislative Assembly, were formed in Shillong, the erstwhile capital of the region. The British tea planters imported labour from central India adding to the demographic canvas. Despite the commercial success, tea labourers continued to be exploited, working and living under poor conditions.

This was the first company in India to undertake the commercial production of tea and was, in fact, the direct successor of the East India Company. Tea Research Association popularly known as TRA Tocklai looks after the research and development needs of the Indian tea industry. It carries out and promotes research on tea with the principal objective of improving overall productivity and quality. It is a pioneer in the research and development on tea and an innovator in providing extension services to the tea industry. Research on all aspects of tea cultivation is carried out at Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Jorhat, Assam and at North Bengal R&D Centre, Nagrakata, West Bengal.

Tamulpan or guapan are considered along with the Gamosa as the offers of devotion, respect and friendship. The Tamulpan-tradition is an ancient one and is being followed since time-immemorial with roots in the aboriginal Austric culture. Xorai is a traditionally manufactured bell-metal article of great respect and is used as a container-medium while performing respectful offers. Moreover, symbolically many ethno-cultural groups use specific clothes to portray respect and pride.

Assam schools are run by the Indian government, government of Assam or by private organisations. Medium of instruction is mainly in Assamese, English or Bengali. Most of the schools follow the state’s examination board which is called the Secondary Education Board of Assam.

Blue Amore, Pure Chamomile are a few of our customers’ favourites. All teas do have caffeine depending on the type of tea it is. White teas have very less caffeine in comparison to a black tea. Fannings – Inferior grade tea is made up of small particles and is often mass-produced. We pack our teas in Siliguri, the heart of the tea-growing region in India, located just one and a half hours away from Darjeeling.

Rajvir too was an ardent fan of detective stories, but at the moment he was keener on looking at the beautiful scenery. Against the backdrop of densely wooded hills a sea of tea bushes stretched as far as the eye could see. Dwarfing the tiny tea plants were tall sturdy shade-trees and amidst the orderly rows of bushes busily moved doll-like figures. It is believed that Baba Budan brought the first coffee seeds from Yemen to India. Coffee plantations in Kamataka State date back to 1841 when Thomas Canon planted coffee at Belur.

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