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In days past, finding out what was going on in the world meant picking up the morning edition of the Globe and Mail, or watching the six o’clock news  naija news . For the news savvy today, however, it is no longer necessary to sit through an hour of news to get to the two stories you really wanted to watch. In today’s, technologically advancing, society many people are turning to online video to get their daily fix of world events.

Online news not only allows for another way to get the latest happenings, but it allows you to watch what you want, when you want. If your only interested in today stories dealing with the daily markets, you are only a few clicks away on most major news sites. Whatever your preference, the online video allows you choices. The days of sitting through the morning and evening news are quickly going by the wayside.

When it comes to broadband internet and online media, many of the industries that deal with traditional media have had issues and even been unable to cope with the changes. Many copyright infringement suits have arisen from the advent of easily available means to share media online.

When it comes to news it is slightly different. The news world has embraced the concept of online media; finding new ways to earn advertising dollars through their web pages and strategically placed ads in their online videos. Many major news networks now make their entire news series available online. Head over to Fox news and check out the lastest Fox Report, a mainstay of their television news series for years. Or maybe you prefer the television series 60 minutes; take a look at the CBS website. The entire show is split into short, easy to download sections. The advertising on their websites actually tends to be less than that in traditional television format, making for an easier viewing experience.

It is the news industries constant search for new ways to make money that has fueled much innovation in some areas of internet video. Tools like flash video and many other online formats were specifically targeted at high profile clients such as those found in the news world. New designs in content delivery that were originally designed by news sites can be found on high profile sites like Youtube or Dailymotion. Along with innovations in online video technology, some of the larger news sites have lead the development of new types of online advertising. It is hard to deny the impact that the news world has had on the delivery of media online.

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